The golf course has been sprayed to try to get rid of mossies for a while now.

It looks like the council has started their programme of spraying now according to the article here that was published on the Wiki Ejido site over the weekend.

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The City Council initiates the first treatments to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes

The City Council initiates the first treatments to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes in the coastal nuclei before the rise of the temperatures

The company Athisa this week carried out the own actions for the control of the larvae and today will be applied specific products to eliminate the more adult species

The methods being used have all the guarantees for the environment and they incorporate a prior diagnosis, the placement of traps or technical assistance to citizens

Manuel Gómez explained that "we managed to prevent not only possible nuisances for the neighbors of these areas but also for the tourism of the summer months"

With the proximity of good weather and the consequent rise in temperatures, the City of El Ejido has already put in place relevant treatments to prevent the proliferation of pesky mosquitoes in coastal areas of the municipality. So it is that this same week have already begun the first work in this matter with the realization of a previous diagnosis of the situation in which have been determined which are the main reservoirs in which there could be a greater presence of these insects in The next few months.

Thus, these days have been acted on the control of larvae and today is doing the same on adult populations, focusing especially on gardens, hedges, trees, shrubs and public gardens, as well as in certain areas Such as roundabouts and ponds of those areas of the municipality that are more sensitive.

The Councilor for Agriculture and the Environment, Manuel Gómez Galera, explained that "with these treatments, totally respectful of the environment, not only prevent possible inconvenience to the neighbors in the face of the good weather but also in the face of tourism that Visit us during the summer months ". The intention of the local government, according to the councilman "is to act in advance, in a preventative way, to avoid the consequences that occur once the pest originates, making available to this service all the municipal resources with which we count and redoubled the Efforts to increase the frequency of treatments especially during the summer period ".

The company responsible for carrying out this work is Athisa, who continues to incorporate advanced systems and management programs that include the placement of traps with food attractants, technical assistance to citizens informing them about the treatments and complementary measures to be taken in private or The use of geolocation that allows identifying and know at any time where the work teams of the concessionaire company of this service are carrying out the corresponding disinfection or prevention procedures.

Finally, the councilman recalled that "another of the actions that takes place every year at the beginning of the summer season is the development of awareness campaigns complementary to the treatments in the matter of insect control driven by the Consistory. These consist, as detailed, "in informing the communities of neighbors with large green areas and swimming pools, as well as the owners of houses or villas with private gardens on the need to carry out an adequate maintenance of their gardens and swimming pools, Avoiding the stagnant waters and acting in their enclosures or communities ".