The article here on the town hall website has details of various improvements to bus stops that have taken or are taking place in the area. Including the provision of shelters at stops in Almerimar. Plus more graphical information about timetables as some bus stops at Copo and elsewhere.

There is also a mention of the very handy Situame app that provides information about buses in the area.

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The City Council endows the urban bus stops of nomograms with graphical information of the routes and schedules of the lines

The installation of the 140 vinyls is being carried out, at first, in those canopies and posters of the most central stops, although the objective is to gradually extend it to the whole municipality

The mayor of Public Works explains that "we are committed to the modernization of this important service to make it easier, more efficient and closer to all ejidenses"

The City Council of El Ejido is equipping all urban bus stops in the municipality with nomograms that contain basic and much needed information about the routes of the lines, the sequence and order of the same, as well as the schedule through which the Bus for each one of them. For this, about 140 of these panels are being installed in the canopies and posters of the different stops that offer information, in detail, very useful and practical for travelers.

In this sense, the mayor responsible for the Department of Public Works, Maintenance and Services, José Andrés Cano Peinado, explained that "this is a new tool with which we come to implement the service that already has the user of a A very graphic and visual way to provide him with this basic and basic information in the face of his usual journeys in public transport. " In addition, as he has specified, "each one of the icons facilitates the understanding of the poster, thus becoming an aid that allows the citizen and tourist at all times to know in which exact point of the city is, as well as to project a planning on the Destination to which it is directed, knowing schedules and routes ".

These jobs have begun this week for the most central and busy stops in the city, such as the Poniente Hospital, the COPO Shopping Center, the Plaza de la Alpujarra; Although it has been anticipated that, over the next few weeks, they will be extended to the rest of the canopies and poster of the locality.

"This initiative responds to the concern of the municipal government of El Ejido to continue taking important steps in improving and optimizing the urban bus service in order to make it much closer, accessible and of higher quality, thus promoting its use among citizens As a cheap means of transport, more sustainable and respectful with the environment ", apostilles the mayor.

In addition, this new introduction will complement the data that can already be found passengers through the SITÚAME App (Urban Bus Information System of the municipality of El Ejido) which, as you will recall, is a mobile device Easy to use that provides information on stops, routes, tariffs and even counts on the planning of routes and the reception of notices. In addition, vinyls include the Q code so that travelers can download the application directly on their mobile or tablet.

Remember that important changes introduced in recent years in urban transport also include the installation of new canopies at different bus stops in Almerimar, Las Norias and Poniente Hospital. A number of actions have also been developed to promote sustainability values ​​that will decisively influence future mobility habits with initiatives especially geared towards, among other groups, young people, the elderly and people with disabilities. In this sense, those over 65 and people with some type of disability have the urban transport card, which allows them to obtain 100% exemptions or 50% discounts on the ticket price, depending on the case.

Similarly, the Consistory launches an additional service of nocturnal urban transport and beaches every year during the summer months to facilitate the movement of neighbors to the coastal areas without the need to use tourism. In the case of those known as 'owls' is a comfortable and safe service as it brings the young people to the area of ​​the 'movida' of Almerimar so they can enjoy the nightlife with peace of mind without having to resort to their vehicle particular.

The main objective of all these actions is to promote the use of public transport in all areas, with specific actions such as free or reduced transport costs for people with reduced mobility problems, the dissemination of information and awareness campaigns, the design of Cycle lanes, the installation of bicycle racks, the elaboration of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan or the adhesion to the City's Friendly project, among other initiatives.