The article here on the town hall website has details of work on new cycle paths that should start in January 2017 and finish by the summer.

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The works of the cycle route of El Ejido in the stretches of Santo Domingo, Las Norias and Almerimar will begin in January of 2017

The mayor, Francisco Góngora, and the general director of Infrastructures of the Department of Development, Jesus Huertas, gave today the impulse to this action accompanied by the delegates of Government and Fomento de Almería

The works, which will last for six months, have a budget of 902,406 euros, which, co-financed with FEDER Funds, will be executed by the company Construcciones Sánchez Domínguez-Sando.

They are framed within the agreement signed between the Ministry and the City to finance in 75% and 25% respectively the construction of a bicycle mesh in the municipality of something more 17 kilometers
On January 9, work will begin on the El Ejido cycle route that runs through Santo Domingo, Avenida El Treinta, Las Norias and Almerimar. This was explained during the visit to the beginning of the action that this morning the mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, the general director of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Foment and Housing of the Junta de Andalucía, Jesus Huertas; Together with the delegates of the Government and Fomento in Almeria, Gracia Fernández and Joaquín Jiménez respectively, as well as the Councilor for Public Works, José Andrés Cano Peinado.

This is, as the mayor of Ejidense has said, "very important actions in which we have been working, in recent years, in order to close a pedestrian road network that will connect the municipality and all population centers through Of this safe way ". And all this, "with the aim of promoting mobility in a sustainable way and by using the bicycle." Based on this, as it has been recalled, the agreement was signed within the 'Ciudad Amable' Program to co-finance this project between the Government of Andalusia and the ejidense City Council in 75 and 25 percent respectively.

Góngora recalled that "the Consistory already made, a first performance, all the Paseo de las Lomas joining with Ejido Oeste and, at present," we are running the second one that comes from the Pavilion to the South Road to link with These works that will link Santa María del Aguila with El Ejido to, via Oasis Avenue, link with the Autovía and engage with the existing road on the Almerimar highway. "

It will be there where the stretch will run from the Almerimar slope to the port and the Paseo Marítimo de Poniente where, in addition, the performance will "allow to improve the stretch of walk that is very deteriorated." All this, will allow "to continue advancing in that goal of ringing the city through this cycling network, since that continuity is necessary to give it greater use." At present, 17 kilometers will be completed, although El Ejido contemplates in its Plan of Sustainable Urban Mobility about 35 km of cycle path.

Similarly, Góngora wanted to highlight "the good work done at a technical level between both administrations", since it allows us "to be today in congratulation because soon we will add new sections of bike path to continue this network." Something that "the citizens of the country values ​​as very positive, not only in the face of sports, but also to be able to travel around the city by bike."

The mayor also described as "a magnificent performance" the project in which the Andalusian Government is working to unite the municipalities of Roquetas de Mar and Adra along the coast and which will undoubtedly benefit El Ejido. It is a "very ambitious action that will be carried out with Community funds that will allow the city councils to have a new resource not only for the local population but to encourage tourism, as this bike path would have an itinerary that would enter into spaces Which, from the natural point of view, has a very high environmental potential and value. "

In this regard, the Director General of the Ministry of Development has pointed out that, in effect, the regional government is working on this initiative that "is in analysis and drafting study of the draft", therefore "will not have room in the budget of 2017, but possibly in 2018 ". Not in vain, according to Huerta, "is a project that we aspire to and we do not give up." In fact, this "is framed within the own objectives that the Ministry of Public Works has to promote metropolitan actions that allow us to unite different municipalities and urban centers of Andalusia".

On the other hand, Huerta wanted to comment that "the period of execution of the cycle route of El Ejido in the stretches of Santo Domingo, Avenida El Treinta, Las Norias and Almerimar will be six months and will have a budget of 902,406 euros which, co-financed With FEDER Funds, will be executed by the company Construcciones Sánchez Domínguez-Sando. These will begin next January 9, so "the bike lane will be in service for summer."