It looks like there is an argument going on between our local town hall and the regional government of Andalucia about delays to the completion of work on improvements to the storm drains in Almerimar. In particular in the centre of town in the marina area.

The article here on the Wiki Ejido site has details of the local council trying to improve the storm drains in Almerimar.

Read More for an online translation of the article (iffy as usual).

City Hall hopes the award of the Board to complete the network of storm of Almerimar


City Hall expects, for two years, the award of the Board to complete the network of storm of Almerimar
This is necessary to counter problems of floods that every winter, suffers this nucleus of population, especially the area of the Marina
The session ended long ago these works, minus only the placement of the pipe in the last section where the authorization of the environment in maritime-terrestrial public domain delegation is required
The spokesman, José Francisco Rivera, asks that "they no longer excuses" and requires the Board "quickly" in the process to give a definitive solution to the serious problems of floods plaguing this core
The spokesman for the team of government José Francisco Rivera wanted to show "its concern at the lethargy has subjected the delegation of environment of the Junta de Andalucía award which has to issue and send to the City Council in order to finish the works endowment of the collection network of rain we have already executed for Almerimar". And you are "already more than two years that carries the session waiting for documentation, despite being urgent and be more than justified, the Board still does not stir and, worst of all, delaying without giving any justification or explanation".
A question that "we consider more than unfortunate, especially if you consider that such a decision is delayed that this Council can proceed with its endowment of the rainwater network project, which is, for some time, at the expense of that authorization in order to run the last section, the corresponding to the placement of a pipe in the area of the Marina to give exit to the sea of runoff that can absorb the network". It is from rain water, and therefore a process that complies with all the existing guarantees of sustainability. To do so, will be added that "we are talking about an infrastructure that is designed to put an end to the serious problems of floods which, year after year, the residents of this nucleus of population are suffering during the months of the rainy season".
The consistory, who has already made an investment that exceeds one million euros with the endowment of rain to areas of Almerimar, "not can continue delaying the entry into service of this network due to the lack of an administrative concession for the placement of a pipe which, while its length is just 104 meters, is essential so that it can start to operate this network that Although it already has absorbicion systems and water distribution, requires that driving to give all that collected water outlet".
That is why the spokesman insist the territorial delegation of environment than "stop excuses" and "assume, once for all, its responsibility in this process, being its competition as quickly solve this procedure that we are waiting more than two years". And it is that "no we can continue delaying a work that is essential to our neighbours".
The spokesman for the Government team for "the attitude of passivity of the Junta de Andalucía is incomprehensible and unjustifiable", since we understand that two years are more than enough to study and solve this issue, as well as to obtain an administrative concession that has no impediment, since we have contributed, without problems, the documentation and justification required to carry just."
This circumstance is due to that the soil where it should place this pipeline is located within the area known as terrestrial maritime public domain and, therefore, is subject to administrative concession, being competent the autonomic Government of issuing the same. This is why, from 2012, City Hall come working, in parallel, in the processing of this award with the development of the strength of this network works.
More than 1.3 million investment in rain
This action once again, once more than manifest, strong commitment by the Government of El Ejido team to give the municipality of good systems of evacuation to go, little by little, solving the problems of waterproof in some areas. Something that is getting through the public work and the impetus of corrective measures and ordinances which are collected duty, for example, create in farms absorption systems to collect, as a minimum, a volume of water of 35 litres/m2.
In this regard, it is important to remember that, since the summer of 2015 to date, the Council has invested a total of 1.3 million euros in the rainwater network staffing works that were necessary and urgent to undertake, among them are already implemented the corresponding to the Centre of village of Balerma, Ejido-Norte district Street Antonios with N-340, Seneca and Murgi and the channelling of the Rambla of the Aljibillos.
Parallel to the public works carried out by the City Council must highlight the effort being made by, too, the Department of agriculture to improve the drainage of the rural roads with performances that have investments exceeding EUR 150,000 in what have been year. All of them have allowed to put an end to the floods suffered by farms and rural roads that were completely impassable during the rainy season. Also you're avoiding new floods in neighbouring farms and considerably reduce crawls and high runoff towards the urban streets of the city and the population centres.