Although it is still pretty hot and dry at the moment work has started on clearing all of the drains in the area ready for the winter rainfall when it arrives.

The article here on the town hall website has more details.

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Public works and works in cleaning the entire network of scuppers the municipality to ensure proper drainage of water with the arrival of the first rains

The work, which pulled in mid-August, are consisting lift all grids rainwater network to remove the dried leaves and dirt accumulated during the summer

In addition, work is being done ditches conditioning in the main urban roads of various population centers, consisting of the withdrawal of tows, branches and debris various moieties such as cans or bottles

Councillor responsible for this area explained that "These are actions that are undertaken every year at this time in order to facilitate drainage and evacuation of our network of rainwater and avoid accumulations of water when it rains"

The City of El Ejido, through the Department of Public Works, Maintenance and Services, and works in cleaning and conditioning of the entire network of scuppers the municipality in order to ensure proper drainage and water drainage once they reach the first rains it's from the season.

To do this, a couple of weeks tasks improving this important rainwater drainage system with raised grids and removal of dry leaves, sand and dirt accumulated throughout the summer began. Councillor responsible for this area, Jose Andres Cano, explained that "it is important works that are undertaken every year, for the same dates, in order that they are about to face at the beginning of the season rains, since during the summer months tend to accumulate small brozas, besides pebbles and sand carried by the wind and that obstruct, hamper proper evacuation of water. "

These tasks, which are being made through the company Aguas de El Ejido, have already been made in sections such as running between the industrial area of ​​La Redonda to the intersection of Las Norias in South Ejido and more specifically, on the promenade Las Lomas and Pampanico, continuing in the coming days in Balerma and Almerimar to continue through Santa Maria del Aguila, North Ejido, Las Norias and St. Augustine. To carry out these works, there are two teams composed of Aguas de El Ejido and specific machinery. Peinado Cano stressed that "this cleansing is being developed in areas that are most prone to flooding and are in the lower basins and therefore accumulate more water."

In addition, work is being done conditioning and cleaning gutters on the main roads and urban roads of various population centers, consisting mainly of the withdrawal of drag, large branches and various debris such as plastic bags, cans or bottles. In this line, the municipal official stressed that "work is not only come to improve the evacuation of rainwater but also to improve substantially, the image of our municipality."

For these works, which are being conducted by the Urban Development Corporation DUE, they are using three teams of four people each, as well as brush cutters specialized machinery.

Thus, the Consistory has already acted in areas such as San Silvestre, Since Rubio, Almerimar road or the way the Adjutant, among others. In coming days, it will be the turn of other nuclei such as Balerma.

The mayor wanted to make a call to the citizenship of the ejidense population to "be displayed respectful of our environment, avoiding throwing bottles and other waste to public ways, thus ensuring a streets and cleaner roads and maintained ".