Almerimar trees

The article here on the town hall website has details of more trees being planted in the town.

Also I have noticed recently that the council has been doing a lot of maintenance work on palm trees around town. It is good to see the town being tidied up a bit.

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Planting palm trees and oleanders in car parks Rugby Golf and Sea Spirit will value and beautify these public spaces Almerimar

The works, which have been developed throughout the month of August, consisted of the landscaping of these areas with vegetation from the Municipal Nursery, strengthening the network of irrigation and cleaning and clearing around

The mayor responsible for this area explained that "this is a project that comes to offer a new image of these areas, as during the summer months which account for much of the recreational, cultural and sporting activities"

This initiative responds to the policy of municipal government initiated more than five years ago and focuses its objectives on the improvement and upgrading of public infrastructure in the municipality
The Department of Public Works, Maintenance and Services City of El Ejido continues immersed in the development of projects to improve certain public areas of the municipality. So much so that, this time, it is the turn to public car parks located near the Golf Rugby and urbanization 'Spirit Mar', are very important spaces in Almerimar, as they not only provide a public service free parking throughout the year but also in the surrounding much of the recreational, sports and cultural activities of the municipal summer program concentrated.

It is for this reason that the Consistory, through the Urban Development Corporation DUE, has carried out landscaping work both around the perimeter of the parking and central sections which delimit the different parking areas. To this end, throughout the month of August they have been carried out tasks of planting palm trees and oleanders from the Municipal Nursery which, as explained by the Councillor responsible for this area, Jose Andres Cano, "will come to provide a new image of all this area more attractive and allow visual reordering of the parking, and offers shaded areas for vehicles during the summer months. " The image of the area, therefore, is much more pleasant and welcoming and that "the oleanders colorful these important spaces and shady palm trees provide, thereby achieving a more harmonious and consistent overall with the model of development we want."

Similarly, it is taking this action to strengthen and improve the irrigation network that caters to these car parks and are being carried out cleaning and clearing around. "Besides the aesthetic aspect, plantations we are doing in the different islands and medium improve visibility of them favoring the safety of drivers," he remarked the municipal charge. In total, they have been about 7,000 public parking meters which has acted fifty planting of palm trees, between 1.80 and 2 meters high, and 75 oleander bushes.

The municipal official recalled that around these municipal public infrastructure such popular events as 'The Thousand and gazpacho', several races and athletic competitions, summer cinema projects and sports events of great importance are celebrated develop. Therefore, "it was necessary to adapt these paths as they are spaces where many people pass throughout the summer and it was a priority to offer the most suitable image while improving parking service currently provides".

It is recalled that the City is immersed in projects that are more priority to this important population, since the municipal intention is to continue responding along this legislature to major needs have different areas of the municipality in this for public infrastructure, as some of them have already become old neighborhood demands. For this reason, it is immersed in improving the appearance of many areas, squares and streets of the town to provide places of public entertainment quality to El Ejido and respond to problems and deficiencies that are causing in all population centers.