The article here on the Ideal site has details of a big increase in the levels of recycling of waste in the area so far this year.

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The municipality increased by 27% glass recycling so far 2016

Until July this year, more than 270,000 kilos of this type of waste is collected, while the recycling of cardboard packaging also up by 17 and 20% respectively

So far this year, the City of El Ejido collected a total of 271,795 kilos of glass, so compared to last year an increase of more than 27% occurs. So at least reflect the data offered by the ejidense Consistory IDEAL, data which, in part, responds to the agreement signed in 2015 with Ecovidrio, the nonprofit organization that manages the recycling of glass containers deposited in containers green in Spain, where the installation of 18 containers is established up to the 283 that currently has the municipality of El Ejido.

The containers are installed in the igloo model. Moreover, much of the current installed containers of the truncated cone model, which simulates as the container side loading, are replaced by the igloo model because these are better to avoid problems with wind and vandalism since they are very difficult to tip over.

Ecovidrio also conducts an awareness campaign to promote the recycling of glass containers throughout the summer season in the ejidense coast. Through this initiative carried out various activities to facilitate the collection of all glass containers generated in catering establishments for subsequent recycling. Among others, so far 16 containers were installed themed motif beaches and numerous buckets on wheels with VACRI system between different catering establishments were distributed, to facilitate the recycling of this material.


On the other hand, and with regard to the recycling of paper and cardboard, the ejidense town recorded a rise of 17% with respect to the collection of paper and cardboard, which until last July were collected 433,200 kilos; and increased 20.91% or 243 360 kilos, with respect to light packaging.

As you remember from the Town Hall, the increase in the number of containers for selective waste collection, relocating and frequency of collection to avoid overflow and optimize their use, are the main factors to be taken into account when assessing the increased recycling the location.

In addition, recently an agreement between the Consortium, Ecoembes and the city of El Ejido aimed at increasing the supply of light packaging containers in the municipality was signed.