The article here on the Portal Ejido site has details of an increase in hotel occupancy earlier this month.

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The first two weeks of August left in El Ejido an occupation that is close to 100% in hotels and tourist apartments on the coast

The rise of 43% of the visits that records the Tourist Office of Almerimar so far 2016 supports the strengthening of the tourism sector in the municipality.

Statistics show queries by 60% of Spaniards and 40% of foreign tourists coming mainly from France, England and Belgium
For the first time visitors desbancan French to English to be 37.5% of the cases handled in the offices of tourist information
70% of users staying in apartments, hotels 13% while the remaining 5% are visitors who have beached their boat at the marina or tourists from other days spent the day in El Ejido
The balance reveals that 36% of visitors stay on our coast holiday two weeks, 20% do so for one, still 12% who are a full month
The Office of Tourism of El Ejido, located in Almerimar, has used the Ecuador in August to present statistical data already shuffled level visits and consultations, as these come to endorse the strengthening of the tourism sector and the trend of increase that has been experiencing in recent years. And, the more than 1,500 users attended so far this year, it also manages to overcome now 43% consultations dealt with respect to 2015 and register a 95% occupancy in hotels and apartments on the coast in July and reach 100% in the recent bridge August.
All this, "shows that this summer is meeting the expectations set as visitor numbers are concerned," he says the mayor of Tourism, Luisa Barranco, who did not hesitate to affirm that, moreover, "are not the only data to measure implementation is achieving El Ejido, especially the coastal areas of Balerma and Almerimar, as a quality tourist destination ", because" more and more visitors have doubled their stay to remain in the ejidense coast. In fact, tourists who choose two consecutive weeks of vacation place this August at 36%, while those who choose one week represent 20% and 12% one month.
The profile of visitors to the Tourist Office makes clear that El Ejido remains a benchmark for national tourism, since 60% of the consultations were Spanish, with the communities most faithful to choose this destination Madrid (30%) , Andalusian (22%), Catalan (15%) and Basque (6.5%) country among others.
Regarding foreign tourists who have already reached 40% of the consultations in the Office and who are citizens mostly from countries like France with 37.5% followed by England with 33.4%, Belgium and Ireland with 6% and 4% respectively, citizens of more than 26 different countries who have applied for tourist information.
Note that users go to the Tourist Office, both domestic and foreign, to meet supply both the municipality and the own province of Almeria, and request information about leisure activities scheduled during your stay as well as those entertainment options that they have to do with the mini Hollywood, water park or visit various monuments.
Moreover, this first analysis of data shows that 70% of people who visit these facilities offered at tourist apartments, 13% comes from hotels, 5% are visitors who have moored their boat at the marina and 4% is for visitors not staying at our expense are passing through or make a one-day visit to El Ejido to know its heritage and enjoy its beaches.
Councillor for Tourism, Luisa Barranco, has described these data "positive" as they come to "show that we have begun to retain visitors who, year after year, and there are more who increasingly choose our coast as resting place for your holiday by the range of possibilities that are in it. " I think "was a wise bet we made with the industry to differentiate and promote ourselves as a destination that offers much more than sun and sand by incorporating agritourism and active tourism, in order to give that image very much in line with what They look for the most demanding tourists. "
According to Barranco, who doubt that "work is paying off, as we are beginning to be known among tuoroperadores and different markets as a healthy destination where one can relax, enjoy good Mediterranean cuisine and practice without to water sports, golf or hiking in the countryside through the Natural Park of Punta Entinas throughout the year. " Question that "helps greatly to continue on that goal that we set to break seasonality"