Almerimar marina

The article here on the Ideal site has some information about the marina in Almerimar.

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Summer boat traffic in the marina of Almerimar has increased compared to that recorded in previous years. It is estimated that more than 900 vessels have passed through this port during the summer, marina captain Jose Rodriguez indicated to IDEAL.

During the summer period the boats stay in port a short time because "they stay a few days, depending on what the wind is doing at the time.”


Looking ahead to the autumn and winter the forecast for Almerimar Marina is also good. "For the coming winter with the reservations in the boatyard that are already accounted for we are virtually full, since we are almost at 90% occupancy." The winter months are when the boatyard has the highest activity of the year. The boat owners prepare for the arrival of warm weather which is when they go back to sea.

"Although we always have enough work in the boatyard, this year the data is even better. The situation is beginning to rebound and we are satisfied with that". While reservations for the boatyard are positive it is not so for moorings "we are worse than other years for winter in the booking of moorings, but we hope to overcome this in the coming months," added Jose Rodriguez.

For several years the flow of boats in this marina had been reduced as a result of the current economic crisis "during the year we recorded 3,500 entries and 3,500 exits, as the boats keep coming in and then leaving after being moored for a while. So you have the same incoming numbers as outgoings. Before the numbers in the port were greater so we are noticing the effects of the crisis here at the port. "According to Rodriguez, the best period was the period of 2003-2008, "more than 4000 boats passed through and there was almost total occupation of the moorings."

The vessels that dock in the marina of Almerimar are fundamentally sailboats from European countries but also from other places such as Australia, United States and even Japan. Foreign customers, who are the majority and usually spend the winter moored in the port, are also joined by national clients coming from different parts of Spanish. They come to this port for its characteristics and location.

The current economic situation has caused there to be no price increases for moorings during the past two years as “we cannot increase them but also cannot lower them because then they wouldn’t cover costs" specified the captain, José Rodriguez.

The marina of Almerimar is one of the largest in Spain with 1,100 moorings and its facilities offer a wide range of services. The captain’s tower is the command centre for all activity that takes place in the port facilities which employs 25 people. The geographical location of the port and its characteristics and climate of the area makes it one of the busiest in Spain and well known internationally.