The article here on the Ideal site has some information about the new Tourist Board being set up for El Ejido (and therefore Almerimar).

Read More for a translation of the article (based on a Google translation but I have spent a lot of time trying to improve the translation. It may not be a 100% literal translation but I feel it captures the spirit of the original article).

After a few months of delay compared with original plans, the new El Ejido Tourist Board will start operating soon. Its first meeting was planned for last spring but some issues with confirmation of the membership of the board have delayed things. The Councillor for Tourism, Luisa Barranco, says the board will be formed "before the end of this year".

The Department of Tourism and Commerce has driven the formation of an association of traders for the borough. This association will be represented on the board. Furthermore, the establishment of the Tourist Board has waited for the creation of the newly formed junta local of Almerimar.

The mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, has stressed that the agency is "part of the round tables that we consider of primary importance for the development of the municipality. Understand that the public-private partnership is essential." Regarding this aspect, the mayor noted the importance of "learning from the private sector. It is the thing that really is important to developing tourism for this borough. The city should establish measures and collaborative lines by resolving the shortcomings, seizing opportunities and correcting weaknesses."

The Tourist Board of El Ejido will consist of representatives of the political parties in the municipal council. In addition to representatives of economic sectors involved with tourism in the municipality such as catering and trade, among others. The Councillor for Tourism said that the board "will not have a large number of members, but all sectors will be represented." Furthermore, they are considering the possibility to invite certain groups to those meetings where issues related to them are being discussed even though they are not regular members of the board.

The aim of the board, according to the Councillor for Tourism, Luisa Barranco, is to "provide a sustainable level and quality of tourism. Within that, there are many themes including promoting tourism in nature, leisure, culture and heritage "

One of the priorities set by the local government team is to make tourism the second economic engine of the town after agriculture. "We are working so that all the resources we have, which are not few, are articulated through a thread that is tourism. We must consolidate our town from the point of view of tourism, develop a line of work secured in time, correcting issues that are not favourable and enhancing the positive aspects of which there are many. A very important issue is that El Ejido is known for what it is, what it offers and what we are" said the Mayor.