We are now getting to the time of year where bars and restaurants are having a bit of a rest or doing some renovations.

Jacqui has just mentioned that La Plaza has re-opened. They had been closed while they merged with the building next door. I guess to give them more space indoors and outdoors. Plus a bigger kitchen area.

In other bar news, I think D´Bar is taking a break in November. Plus Los Sabores is closing for a couple of weeks to do some building work.

Also, only around 18 months late, I have found that the Asador is looking nice inside and outside. We ate there a week or two ago and were impressed with the larger indoor and outdoor space created some time ago.

I have just been to Mercadona to pick up a few bits and pieces. While there I spotted notices saying that the shop will be closed on Wednesday 1 November 2017.

This is because 1 November is a national holiday as it is All Saints Day.

Gabriel from the tourist office has been in touch with the following information:

"Just a quick line to let you know that the COPO cinemas are back to business after refurbishment. There is some good news for expats and tourists who miss the experience of watching movies on a big screen. For people who do not speak Spanish the management has confirmed that there will be projections in English. There are no dates for yet. However the option is available in the other cinemas of the franchise.

More info here: http://www.ocinecopo.es/"

Dentist - 19 September 17

Jacqui had to go to the chemist this morning. On the way there she took a picture of the progress on the new dentist surgery. This is 1 week later than the earlier photo below.

Things look like they are moving along nicely.

Dentist - 12 September 2017



Ages ago I reported that there were plans for the dentist in Almerimar to relocate his surgery.

For some time there has been a sign up advertising the new location. This new surgery is to be over the road from the back of where Yachting Golf restaurant used to be.

As you can see from the photo above from yesterday work has now started on the construction of the new surgery.

I was shopping in Mercadona this morning and spotted a sign at the till advertising summer Sunday opening hours. The shop is open from 9am until 3pm every Sunday up until the klast Sunday in August.

Yesterday afternoon/evening I was walking down to the port via the golf course and past Mercadona. At the time I spotted work on a couple of new businesses.

There is a load of building work taking place next door to the vets, over the road from Mercadona. Also, I spotted that it looks like someone is taking over the old town hall office that is behind the Mexican restaurant.

I was a bit late for an appointment so I did not have time to take any photos yesterday. I will try to take a few pictures and publish them here when I get the chance.

Almerimar New Butchers 29June 2017

Almerimar New  Business 1 July 17

In the last few days I have spotted a couple of new businesses getting ready to open.

The top photo is of a new butchers that looks close to opening soon in the buildings over the car park from the state doctors surgery.

The other photo is of building work that has been going on for ages on the corner over the road from the back of Mercadona. As you can see, whatever it is it looks like pretty big premises. A long time ago a company was installing a mezzanine floor. Things then went quiet for a while. It looks like a second building company (Servial) is now starting to fit out the premises.


One of the Spanish guys I play golf with asked me if I could advertise his work in Almerimar as a jobbing builder. Above is a copy of his business card.

Please note that I am just advertising this rather than providing a reference. As yet, I have not used his services.

Also, please note that he does not speak much English.

Read More for a Google translation of the business card.

Ikari sushi bar

I spotted this on Facebook earlier today. In the past we have had some nice meals at the Ikari restaurant in the golf hotel. Like last year they are planning to take over part of the golf hotel terrace again this summer. Jacqui and I are hoping to try this out soon as we did not eat Japanese food on the golf hotel terrace last year.

Our thanks for this restaurant to Miguel Tamura, the ex-director of the hotel, who helped set up the Ikari restaurant. We hope he is doing well now that he has moved back to the USA.

Looks like setting up offices for an Assessoria seems to be the in thing at the moment in Almerimar. Not long ago what used to be the cleaners on the corner of the square opened up an as Assessoria. Now what was an internet place next door to Alcor Properties has now also opened up as an Assessoria.

This time of year it is normally bars and restaurants opening up to try to take advantage of the busy summer season.

In April 2017 our shopping correspondent told us about the new shops that have opened at the Copo shopping complex.

Following a trip there yesterday there is a further update. Previously if you wanted to visit the new shops you had to enter the complex close to where the old cinema was located. This was because the walkway that linked through to where Carrefour now is was blocked off.

On Jacqui's latest visit she spotted that the complex is now joined up again. So far not all of the shops are in use. However you can now walk through the whole complex again and shop until you drop.

Sadly the launderette, dry cleaning and clothes alterations shop over the road from La Gaviota is closing later this week. I have some new trousers that need shortening so I will have to find somewhere else.

I have been told there is someone who alters clothes in the entrance to the dance studio over the road from the chemist. I popped round there earlier but they were closed at the moment but will probably open today by around 17:30. I guess I will have to pop down later and try them out.

Just back from a brief trip to Mercadona. While there I noticed signs at the checkout saying they are closed on Monday 24 April 2017.

I guess it is probably for the local San Marcos fiesta.

Copo 19 april 2017

As it was windy today Jacqui decided to go shopping rather than play golf. As you can see above while out she spotted some new signs for shops at Copo.

You can see a few more photos of the shops themselves in the Gallery.