In the last day or two a number of people have told us that Copo is having a closing down sale.

I think the news is now even on a sign in Almerimar. Earlier today I drove past a sign in the street close to the Almerimar Golf hotel. I think it said Copo will be closing on 31 January 2015 and they are having a 50% reduction sale to get rid of stock.

The rumour is that Carrefour are moving in to replace Copo.

Almerimar Insurance Services

Almerimar Insurance Services - Bike Hire

We have just received this request.....


PHONE - 950498067 - 667479940


Leo's, Almerimar

Just received this from Leo's......

This Friday the 5th September will will have the fantastic Janine here singing her heart out. Janine was here before earlier in the year as a part of soul emotion they were brilliant. She will be belting out everyone's favorite Motown favorites. Not to be missed.
Thanks Nina


Further to the earlier story here with the menu for the Indian restaurant behind the church on Darsena 1. We tried out the restaurant last night.

We were eating pretty early at around 9pm so it was quite quiet. It got a few more customers in by the time we left.

They do a set meal for around 11 euros but we chose some things off the menu. We had two types of kebab as starters (sheesh & shami). We then had a chicken shaslik, a chicken jalfrezi some mushroom rice and a peshwari nan. They also brought us two poppadoms with three types of sauce to go with them.

The place does not have much atmosphere so it is probably better to go there as a group rather than as a couple. It is very simple and not very posh. However it was clean and the service was efficient and friendly.

The food was pretty good and the price was reasonable. The peshwari nan was quite thin so was more like a coconut chapati. Apart from that everything was pretty much as you would expect for an Indian restaurant.

The bad news is that when I was chatting to the waiter he said it would probably close once the summer season is over. So if you want to try it out you may have to go there reasonably soon.

I forgot to ask whether they do takeaways but my guess is that they would if you asked for it.

Defontina & Uva

Defontina & Uva

Defontina & Uva

Defontina & Uva

Here are a few photos of the new business next door to Minimal.

The top image above if is from the invitations sent out for the opening party that took place last Monday evening.

From wandering around inside both the main building and the wooden side extension I think quite a bit of money has been spent on the place. It looks rather swish. I guess we will have to try it sometime.

We wish Defontina & Uva the best of luck for the future.

New Taberna and wine shop

The photo above is from a story we wrote in July 2014 about a new business opening.

I drove past the same building (next door to Minimal) earlier today and they are still not open. However they had a sign up saying that it is opening as a taberna and wine shop. Sounds interesting.

Leo's, Almerimar

Just received this from Matt.....

"Enjoying this wind today at least it is keeping the heat away.
Just wanted to let everyone know that we have karaoke with Paco on Monday night and live music from groovy Phil on next Friday the 8th August from 8pm. Can't believe its august already this year Is flying.

Best regards Matt"

Beep Almerimar

As you can see from the photo above Almerimar has a new computer shop. It is just across from the square over the road from La Gaviota (was La Caleta).

I guess it looks like the excellent batch PC in Copo has a bit of local competition now.

Leo's, Almerimar

We have just received this from Leo's.....

"Looks like summer is finally here eh?

Looking forward to the Wimbledon finals today and tomorrow, it's been a real shocker this year so far.

We had a Fabulous night last night. Soul emotion, what a voice knocked our socks off. Will let everyone know when she will be back. 

This coming week will see Paco here on Monday night for some music and karaoke and on Sunday groovy Phil will be his fabulous top hat wearing self and entertain us from 6pm right up to the World Cup final match at 9pm. After the match we will draw our blind pick World Cup team envelope to find the lucky winner of a rather tidy sum. Good luck"

Leo's, Almerimar

We have received this message from Leo's......

We would like to thank everybody for coming last night and a special thanks to el fabuloso Paco who was a great success, he will be with us every Monday throughout July and August so please come along to sing along.

Soul emotion will be joining us all the from Malaga on the 4th of July so make sure you don't miss them.

Thanks again to all from all of us at Leos.

Leo's, Almerimar

We have just received this from Nina at Leo's.....

"Could you please thank everybody from us here at Leos for the great turnout to watch the footie on Thursday night. It may have been a disappointing end but we had a great night dancing away our sorrows.
Covers and roll were fantastic on Friday and will be back at a later date.
Looking forward now to Wimbledon which we will show everyday throughout the tournament.
 This Tuesday coming we have all the way from sunny ROQUETAS our great friend Paco entertaining us. Paco and friends will be joining us on most Mondays all through the summer and have some great surprises in store.
Look forward to seeing everyone.

Thanks Nina"

Indian Menu 2014

Yesterday I called by the Indian restaurant that is now up and running in the complex behind the church on Darsena 1. I have put together a copy of their menu. All bar the bottom page in the photo above is Indian food.

As yet, we have not tried the restaurant. No doubt we will try it out sometime soon.

Click on the image above (then click on the image that appears to enlarge it) to see a bigger version of the menu.

Leo's, Almerimar

Just received this from Matthew....

"Could you please thank everybody on behalf of us at leos for the great turn out on Saturday night. Was a fantastic night.
This week we have on Thursday night live music with Groovy from 19.30, the match Uruguay v England and more music from Phil after the match. Friday night from 8pm for the first time at Leos we have performing Covers n' roll.chip shop open as usual from 7pm and full menu also available.
Look forward to seeing everyone"

I seem to remember the other day someone recommended the re-opened bar down the side street in Porto Fino. I think it used to be called Casanova but I am not sure. They said that they had been there a couple of times and liked it.

Jacqui and I have now both tried out the new layout in Mercadona. Jacqui did some normal shopping this morning and I bought the Friday bottles this afternoon.

Points to note:

- Picking up one of the small wheely baskets is more difficult as they are not on the way in. You have to double back on yourself once you have collected a basket.

- You no longer have aisles running the full length of the shop. They run as before for around 2/3 of the shop (straight on from the checkouts). At the bottom end of the shop where the other checkouts used to be the layout is then a set of aisles at right angles to the main ones. Along into where the chinese shop used to be.

.- It felt like there may not be enough checkouts for the summer rush in July and August.

- I didn´t notice much extra stock. In fact there was a smaller selection of chocolates unless I have missed an aisle somewhere.

- As you would expect, nothing is in the same place as before so it will take a little getting used to.

Leo's, Almerimar

Just received this from Matthew....

"Could we please thank everybody for coming to see JaSa on Friday, we hope everybody had a good time and a special thanks to JaSa for performing.

This Friday the chip shop will be open as usual but we have made a change to our Friday party night to this Saturday for our Carlsberg World Cup party which will start from 19:00 hrs, GROOVY PHIL will be performing including a sing along to all the football favorites until the kick off of Englands first match against Italy at midnight. We will also be offering our brand new Doner kebab.

We look forward to seeing you all from all of us at Leos. Cally, Jan, Nina and Matthew"