The website is now working again.

If you look at the map on the site the villas are located in a row just below the road up the hill out of Almerimar. I guess access to them is via a road somewhere close to the SEK school and the Almerimar Golf urbanisation.

Futher to the mention of the new villas being advertised on the road down to Almerimar. I have read the notice and they are supposed to be advertised on a site called

I have tried looking at the site but all I get at the moment is a 509 bandwidth limit exceeded message saying "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.".

No doubt they will sort this issue in due course and the site will be available again.

Paper shop

Fruit and ice cream shop

I was down at Cajamar bank this morning and took a photo of the smaller paper shop and also a new shop that looks to be opening soon.

Defontina & Uvas

When Defontina and Uva opened next door to Minimal in summer last year it had a main area that you can see in the photo above. In addition it had an and enclosed outdoor terrace area with a wooden structure with glass front doors on the side of the building to the right of the photo above.

When I drove past it this morning the side structure had been just about completely removed. It is not clear yet whether they are renovating it or replacing it. I guess we will have to wait and see.

I had to go to Cajamar bank on Darsena 3 earlier today and noticed that the business that used to be next door to the bank has moved along a bit.

Years ago there was a business that ran an internet cafe plus a general shop next door to Cajamar bank. I remember it being my internet cafe of choice in Almerimar when I was first here. The internet cafe part disappeared a few years ago. Now the general business (stationary, tourist items etc.) looks to have moved a few doors along to smaller premises.

I guess it is a sign of the times that what was once a thriving business years ago can no longer survive in the same way (e.g. internet cafe, photo shop printing pictures etc.).

I was in the square yesterday and spotted that there appears to be a new estate agent about to open in one of the shops close to Jaks. I guess they must think the property market may be starting to improve a bit here.

Avante - 28 February 2015

Avante - 28 February 2015

As you can see the new restaurant next door to Pizza Guzzi is now open. Definitely looks like they have a focus on fish/seafood judging by what they are promoting on their tapas board.

Just a reminder that Mercadona will be closed tomorrow, Saturday 28 February 2015 as it is Andalucía day.

After playing golf today I popped in and checked and it is open as normal again on Monday.

A while ago there was a notice on the restaurant next door to Pizza Guzzi saying it was opening on 13 February. As I walked past the restaurant earlier today there was still a lot of work going on. My guess it will still be a few more days before it opens.

The bar/restaurant merry go round continues....

What was Paraiso, between Pizza Guzzi and Leo's, is due to open this coming Friday, 13 February 2015, as a marisqueria.

I hope that the date is not a bad omen for this new business.

I happened to be walking around the corner from Mario's earlier today and I noticed a new business getting ready to open.

The Easily English "school" looks like it is opening shortly. The are using some of the vacant shop space between Mario's and El Tunel.

What was El Laurel then Fresh has re-opened in Darsena 1 as a new restaurant.

The Crivanser bar that was up the stairs behind Algarbe has moved. It has taken over from Boca 2 close to the entrance to the port area near the church.

Las Uvas is now open more frequently with a new person running it on lease from the owners.

Also Pizza Guzzi is closed until the beginning of February 2015 for holidays and some renovation.

Following the photos from Jacqui earlier in the week we understand that Carrefour opens its doors in what was the Copo centre today.

Copo/Carrefour - November 2014

Copo/Carrefour - November 2014

I was up in the Copo complex earlier today so I took a couple of photos of it while I was wandering round. As you can see it looks like it should open reasonably soon as Carrefour.

The road to Copo/Carrefour from Almerimar is still being worked on. Earlier in the week it was closed from Copo/Carrefour down to Almerimar. Now the other side is closed in part as well while resurfacing work continues. 

We should soon have smooth roads all the way from Calle Alcor up to Copo/Carrefour all being well. I wonder where the next improvements in Almerimar will occur.

I was feeling lazy last night and we had won fish and chips for 2 at La Plaza in the raffle at the recent Francis House golf competition.

It was the first time I had fish and chips there and it was very nice. As was the starter and the dessert courses.

We will probably be calling in again sometime soon to see Lee & Penny based on the food last night.

The other day I was told what someone believes to be the reason for the recent closure of the Yachting/Golf restaurant in Almerimar.

Apparently there were some problems with the electrical supply to the restaurant. There was a dispute between the owner and the leaseholder about who should pay for the repairs. For this reason the leaseholder decided to withdraw from renting the property.

I cannot say for certain that this is the reason. If it is it seems very much like El Segoviano a few years ago where there was a similar dispute about who should pay to fix a leaky roof.

It is sad to see a business close in Almerimar. We have certainly had a few good FGS events there over the years. Prize giving dinners for golf, prize giving for boule competitions etc.

I seem to remember it was one of the many venues in Almerimar where we saw Herbert and Mimi up on the dance floor. So I have some very warm memories of the place.

UPDATED - Corrected the year. Also Jules has told us it is All Saints day.

Just back from buying satsumas for Jacqui in Mercadona. While there I noticed that they are only open until lunchtime on Saturday 1 November 2014. Not bad really as it is a holiday here I think.