In the last day or two I have spotted signs outside 2 different restaurants saying they are closed for improvements. I guess this is either building work or redecoration.

The Asador restaurant on Darsena 3 has been closed since November and does not look to have re-opened yet. Also, Pizza Guzzi on Darsena 1 is closed until February.

Just a quick word of warning about the giving and receiving of Carrefour gift voucher cards.....

Jacqui and I won a couple of Carrefour gift vouchers in recent FGS Sunday competitions. We went up to spend them in Carrefour last Friday afternoon to spend them.

When we tried to use them at the till to pay for various things the till rejected the credit card sized swipe cards. Luckily we had kept the receipts that came with the cards.

The manager had to come along and fiddle about with stuff for around 5-10 minutes at the till. Eventually we managed to claim the amount of discount held on the two cards.

So the good news is that the Carrefour gift cards work OK. The bad news is that you may have to allocate a bit more time to spending them. So do not plan to spend them if you need to rush off somewhere else straight afterwards.

6 and 8 December are bank holidays in Spain. This year 6 December falls on a Sunday. So the Monday is a bank holiday instead.

We were in Mercadona earlier today buying chocolates for the Friday golf competition this week. While there we noticed that Mercadona is opening on Monday 7 December 2015 until 12:00 noon. It is closed on Tuesday 8 December 2015.

Ikari Sushi Bar - Almerimar

A while ago we mentioned that there will be a new restaurant opening in the golf hotel. It now looks like it will be called the Ikari sushi bar. It was advertised at the recent gourmet event in El Ejido. It is advertised here on Facebook. Also, the scorecards for the golf course contain an advert for it.

I guess it will be opening soon.

We have been asked to publish the following.....

Good evening! I am Gabriel Giménez, owner of dog grooming salon doggies&co in Almerimar . I want inform you that we have introduced a natural raw food for dogs in our local, it is of Belgian origin and is giving very good results in the health of dogs since 1970. We think it is a product very interesting for foreign client. If you need more information about this, like format, flavors, … please contact with me or visit my fanpage in facebook: Thank you so much.

Further to the earlier article here.

I have been told that the land next door to Lidl now has a sign saying they are building a bigger Lidl there. I will check it out next time I drive past.

Also, work continues at the top of the hill above Almerimar. There are now some low retaining walls creating space that look like they are being filled by earth. So perhaps it is greenhouses that are going to be built there. I guess we will have to wait and see.


Earlier this year Cuqui moved in to what was Fresh in Darsena 1 in Almerimar. The merry go round continues. One of our readers, Maria, has told us the information below.

"Did you know that about 10 days ago the ex wife from Manolo from Zarzuela started a new restaurant with the former cook from Zarzuela, Juan. The name of the restaurant is La Tita Cocina. It is the first chiringuito after the four star hotel. What use to be La Cuqui. It is very nice over there."

As I was driving down the road into town I spotted what looked like a sign for a farmacia (chemist) on the roundabout near the entrance to Villa Augusta. Not much parking there but I guess you can park in front of the vets that is nearby.

I was driving past the new bread shop in Porto Fino opposite Minimal and saw a reasonably long queue of people waiting to be served. So it looks like they are doing OK at the moment.

I also had a look in to the new tourist office in Porto Fino as I went past and that looks like it is pretty close to being ready.

Villodres, Almerimar

It looks like Fincal might have some opposition setting up in Almerimar. One of our friends has pointed out that this new set of offices for Administrators (and other things) has recently opened up in Almerimar not far from the square.

So it looks like Fincal are no longer the only administrators with offices in Almerimar.

You can see the website for Villodres here. They have offices in Granada, Almería and Almerimar.

Just back from buying the bottles for Friday golf tomorrow. While in Mercadona I heard them announce that they are now on summer opening times until early September. They open at 9am and close at 10pm.

Also, there is a sign at the checkout saying that they will be closed all day this coming Monday (29 June 2015).

Four of us went to a 6pm showing of The Hole at El Ejido last night. It was part of the ongoing 37th edition of the theatre festival in El Ejido. It was very entertaining indeed.

The plan afterwards was to go to the paid for tapas restaurant on the same roundabout as the theatre. However when we came out of the theatre at just before 8:30pm the restaurant was closed and did not look like opening soon.

So we came back into Almerimar and had some food at Ostaria da Ralph. I had their burger main course for 10 euros and have to say it was great. It came in Italian bread rather than a burger bun. Rather than have chips with it I had some extra salad. There was so much food that I had to leave some of the bread and salad.

Everything else that the four of us ate there was very good as well.

All in all and excellent night out with friends.

I was cycling past the closed Parafarmacia on the corner of Porto Fino and spotted a sign saying that it was going to open again soon as a panadería.

I guess businesses are thinking of opening up now that the summer is not far away.

One of our readers Kenneth P has been in touch with the following recommendations about businesses in the area and close to the airport...

"My wife and I are home in the UK after spending four peaceful but chilly weeks in Almerimar.
We had cause to use three local firms during our stay and received very good service from them all:
Almericar Rent a Car
Avda. Montserrat, 77
04006 Almería
Telephone: 950 23 49 66
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Website:
They do not have an office at Almería airport. However, they bring the car to the rentals carpark on the day you arrive and wait outside the arrivals door.
Francisco Bautista, 5
04700 El Ejido
Telephone: 666 82 34 61
Install and repair air conditioning equipment/systems. Family business.
Norias Motor
Ctra. Mojonera S/n
04716 Las Norias
Telephone: 950 587 864
Hyundai concessionaires and have a well equipped vehicle repair workshop for all makes of car. In addition, 24 hour MAPFRE breakdown service.
You may wish to give a small note of publicity to these companies."


It is the fiesta of San Marcos in El Ejido this coming weekend. So it is a local bank holiday in the area on Monday 27 April 2015. In particular, Mercadona will be closed that day. So make sure you do your Mercadona shopping on Saturday.

American Bar Cafeteria

I called in to see Sharon in Alcor earlier today and spotted another go on the Almerimar bar/restaurant merry go round.

This time what used to be El Farol is now an American Bar-Cafeteria.