Yesterday I had to walk around town for around 45 minutes. Between two visits to the opticians. I used the time walking around the marina looking for businesses that I think are relatively new. I managed to find 4.

We start with what used to be Minimal. This is on the roundabout near the entrance to the golf club. No name and not open yet. However I think the opening may be soon.

New Minimal

I then went to Darsena 1 where I saw this restaurant that I have not noticed before.

Los Angeles

After that I made my way back towards the opticians. On the edge of "the square".

The first thing I noticed was a mini market next door to the opticians.

Mini market

Then between the opticians and the ferreteria I noticed a new bread shop.

New bread shop

There are probably some others that I have not noticed.

These days it is not often that I go in to the centre of town. Next time I do I will look out for some more changes to businesses.