Fábrica Nómada

Earlier today Jacqui and I went out to lunch. Only our second time in a bar/restaurant since lock down has been lifted.

We had a very nice meal at Defontina & Uva (on the road in to Darsena 1).

On the way home we walked around the marina. We saw that Yogumar and Muelle Trece were both open on the right hand part of darsena 2. Plus what was previously B-11 was open as well. On the road down from the chinese shop in Porto Fino.

Also the building work on the other side of darsena 2 looks like it is now complete. You can see some photos of the work in progress from February 2020 here in the Gallery.

There are now a few businesses in the bottom corner of the left hand side of darsena 2. Plus a nails and beauty salon that Jacqui uses slightly further up in the same area. In between there are now some locals that I believe are available to lease.

One of the companies that did some of the building work on the locals was a local company called BGF. We know a number of the people who work for the company. As they take part in a lot of the official golf competitions at Almerimar. Plus the company sponsor some competitions as well.

As we were walking around the left hand side or darsena 2 we noticed a group of people having some lunch outside one of the recently built locals. It looked like it is going to be a bar/restaurant. They gave me the details about the business (see above) and said it should open in the next week or two. Here is a link to their website: https://fabricanomada.es/

At that point I noticed that one of the people in the group having a meal was one of the people from BGF that I had seen at many golf competitions.

It is really great to see some life in darsena 2. It had been almost dead for as long as I can remember.

Good luck to this and any other new business that sets up in that part of town.