Physiotherapy Almerimar

Wendy has given us a copy of this notice she has produced for a local business called Physiotherapy Almerimar.

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I feel I must pass on my experience of Physiotherapy Almerimar, a "hidden gem" based  ...... near the square. Suffering from a frozen shoulder I was at a loss on how to avoid surgery so in September I approached Felix and Encarni two young enthusiastic physiotherapist/osteopaths who took me under their wing and have all but cured my condition.

Unlike my experience of physiotherapy in the UK which was more 'hands off ' than 'hands on' Felix and Encarni treated my complaint with a number of therapies from heat lamp to electrotherapy but mainly with intensive manipulation and deep tissue massage. I had Initial twice weekly sessions which graduated to weekly and they worked in close collaboration with the doctor who administered cortisone injections over a five week period. I feel I can make a fair comparison having had the same condition in my other shoulder two years ago and despite physiotherapy and injections resulted in surgery. Felix and Encarni are true believers in early intervention which they say can prevent conditions becoming chronic. I can truly recommend them so if you have a twinge or pain do go and see them. They charge 20 euros per session and may even change your golf game from 36 to scratch!