More on the Almerimar bars and restaurants merry go round.....

I have heard from a few people that Milenio has closed.

Jacqui said it was all shut up when she walked past it earlier today.

Taberna B11 Breakfast - Sept 19

Following on from the taster menu evening last Saturday. Taberna B11 has contacted me to give me details of their breakfast offering to mention on here. They sent me the photos above. Please note that I generally do not get up early enough to go and try this out.

A friend recently told me that La Plaza will be closing on this Sunday. It is scheduled to reopen again on 15 December 2019. I understand that part of the reason for closing is some renovation work. Including increasing the size of the kitchen.

Just spotted on Facebook that El Tiburon is now open again for the summer season. It opened on Wednesday 1 May 2019. Good news for people who like pizza and paella not far from the beach.

Las Entinas Restaurant - Courtesy of David Garcia

Corrected - 18 April 2019 - name of restaurant changed to singular from plural.

Further to the story here earlier today. I have found this photo of the replacement for La Barbera on the Almerimar Vivelo Facebook page. The new place is called La Entina. The photo is courtesy of David Garcia.

The latest news on the Almerimar restaurant merry-go-round is that La Barbera has re-opened under a new name. I saw some photos of it on Facebook the other day. However I cannot remember where I saw them.

From the photos it looked like it might be specialising in fish dishes. As the decoration of the place suggested that.

Next time I am in that part of town I will take a few photos and find out the name of the place.

Also, I have just spotted that Tiburón is opening for the summer on 1 May 2019.

Galley Almerimar

I spotted on Facebook that the people who used to run Leo's are now up and running in what used to be Yachting Golf. The new name for the place is Galley.

Also, while down in the port recently I spotted that Chingon restaurant looks like it is closed now.

The restaurant merry-go-round continues.

I was in Mercadona today so I bought 5 litres of their "fresh milk". The use by date on it was 14 March 2019. Funnily enough that is the date that Mercadona re-opens after it closes this coming Saturday (23 February) at 3pm.

I understand that the fresh bread section of the shop is being relocated. I do not know what other changes might take place. I guess we will have to wait and see.

One of our readers Judi S has tipped me off that work is underway refurbishing the Yachting Golf restaurant. The rumour is that it is going to reopen again sometime in the not too distant future.

Judi mentioned who she thinks might be taking over the place. However I will not publish details here in case the rumour is not true.

Mercadona Closed Feb 19

I had to pop down to Mercadona this morning. While there I spotted that they have started work already. There are building already doing stuff outside and inside the shop. The sign above now confirms when it will be closed. From 3pm on Saturday 23 February at 3pm through to Wednesday 13 March 2019. The shop re-opens on Thursday 14 March.

I guess we will have to go up to El Ejido for our fresh milk for a few weeks.


Looks like Mercadona are planning on getting rid of plastic bags according to the article here on the Euro Weekly News site.

I wonder if this will be implemented here before or after Mercadona closes for a couple of weeks around the end of this month.

A little bird has told me that the Italian in the square might be knocking the wall through to La Caleta. To increase the capacity of the restaurant. Watch this space.....

A while ago I spotted a notice on the Almerimar Local Information Facebook page saying Mercadona was going to close for a while for refurbishment. It said they are going to close from 25 February to approximately 10 March.

While I was in Mercadona I asked about this at the checkout as there were no signs up in the shop. The lady serving me said they were closing from 23 February for around 2 weeks.

So it looks like they are definitely closing in late February and early March. However, as yet, I am not sure of the exact dates.

Just a quick reminder that Kings Day falls on Sunday 6 January this year.

I was in Mercadona yesterday and noticed that they have signs up saying that they are closed all day on Monday 7 January.

My guess is that the majority of other businesses in the area will probably be closed as well this coming Monday.

Porto Fino Building Work - 27 Dec 18

It looks like another one of the locals underneath Porto Fino might be opening for business. This photo is looking at Porto Fino from the main road with the nursery on the left and the tourist office (out of shot) on the right.

I understand that the new fish restaurant is now open in "the square" next to the Italian restaurant. As I was walking past it yesterday I think I saw that it is called Portofino (named after an Italian fishing village and holiday resort).

As yet, I have not eaten there so I cannot say much about it. Although I did have a bit of feedback a short while ago saying they were having some issues soon after it opened. Maybe things have settled down now.

There is a rumour doing the the rounds at the moment that the Mercadona in Almerimar might be moving in the next couple of years.

Apparently, Mercadona lease the property at their current location rather than own it themselves. The rumour is that the owners of the freehold (the urbanisation(s) of properties nearly) are unhappy with the overnight noise of deliveries and the difficulty parking near their urbanisation. Also, perhaps Mercadona would prefer to own their own premises.

So it sounds like there may be a plan being hatched for Mercadona to relocate to another place in Almerimar in the next couple of years. I guess we will have to wait and see.