One of our readers, Dale M, has posted this on the Almerimar Today Facebook page:

"Found set of keys on beach wall. Left in Flamingos cafe on beach front".

If you lost some keys yesterday this is where they are.

Thanks Dale.

I have received this message. Someone is asking about the following:

"Does any one in Almerimar have 2 second hand bikes they wish to sell for (2 )14 year old children? Or can you recommend a shop in the area?"

If anyone has any bikes to sell or information about 2nd hand bike shops in the area please get in touch.

I have had a query from a reader asking whether I know someone in the area who repairs washing machines. Anyone know someone they can recommend?

My only suggestion was to search online for support from the manufacturer. That is what I did when our dishwasher had a problem.

My brother has started playing walking football back in the UK and is really enjoying it.

I am thinking about perhaps looking to try to set up a group playing walking football in Almerimar. Would anyone be interested in playing walking football in Almerimar?

One of our readers has asked that we publish a page with emergency phone contact numbers on it.

So I have created two pages accessed at the top of the Featured Tourism Menu. One with emergency numbers and a second with useful local numbers.

Please get in touch if you think I should add some extra numbers to the pages. Also please get in touch to correct any of the information on the pages.

Please get in touch if you think we should add extra numbers here.

Almerimar Dentist - 950 49 77 15

Almerimar Public Doctors - 950 17 53 06

Almerimar Private Doctors - 950 49 76 62

Disposing of old furniture - 950 48 09 75. See here for more details.

Attribution to the Expatica website for a lot of the information on this page.

We have been asked to publish a page containing emergency phone numbers that can be used in Almerimar.

If you think we should add any number to this list please get in touch. Also get in touch if you think we need to make any corrections to the list.

Emergency numbers

All Emergencies - 112 (multiple languages)

Ambulance and health emergencies - 061 or 112

Fire Brigade - 080 or 112

Local Police - 092

Civil Guard - 062

National Police - 091

Maritime Sea Rescue - 900 202 202

Tourist Helpline and Emergency Number - 902 102 112 (English, French, German, Italian) -

The Servicio de Atención al Turista Extranjero (SATE) handles security of foreigners. You can report a crime, lost property or documents, damage, assault, robbery, break-in or an accident to a tourist police. After calling, you will typically have 48 hours to visit your local police station to ratify your complaint.

You can also find the closest SATE contact:

    Madrid: 915 488 537 | 915 488 008
    Malaga: 951 926 161 | 951 999 818
    Sevilla: 954 564 767

British consulate in Malaga: 0034 952 35 23 00

One of our readers has asked me to see whether anyone can help them with some advice about the following:

" I’ve got a neighbour who won’t respond to polite requests to silence her dogs who she lets bark for extended periods at night and before 9am on the weekends. Do you have any idea who to contact to complain about this?"

If you are on Facebook you can post the advice as a comment on this article when it appears on the Almerimar Today Facebook page. Alternatively you can email me and I will pass on the advice to the reader.

One of our readers has asked me to advertise this on the site:

There are some people in Almerimar looking for a 2-3 bedroom house with a garage for long term rent in Almerimar.

If you have a place you are interested in renting out please get in touch and I will pass on your details.

Sorry for not posting much recently. I have been in bed with the lurgy.

I have a question from a reader.....

There used to be an orange waste olive oil container on Calle Alcor close to the electricity substation. Over the road from hole 5 of the Master course. This was taken away some time ago. The question is where is the closest waste olive oil container to Calle Alcor?

Please can you contact me with your answer or post it as a comment on the Facebook page. Ta.

UPDATED: We received this response from a reader via email... "With reference to deliveries of gas bottles, i believe the gas man arrives on a Friday morning and hoots as he drives round. We stopped having gas a few years ago but i still hear the hooting every Friday morning so assume these deliveries still happen. I have no idea of the Company."

Plus we have had similar comments made on the Almerimar Today Facebook page. (Note: you can see this page even if you do not have an account with Facebook).


One of our readers has asked about companies that deliver replacement gas "bottles" in Almerimar.

From time to time I have seen lorries driving around Almerimar with lots of them on the back of the lorry. However I have never noticed which companies deliver replacement bottles to Almerimar. Does anyone have any information about this?


I have had a request to advertise this.....

"looking for a long term nanny for 30 hrs a week mon-fri in Almerimar for my two children. Must have own car, experience with children and be very patient and kind. To help at home with cleaning and caring for the children."

Please get in touch if you want the contact details for the person who is advertising this.

One of the readers of the site has contacted me asking about supermarket delivery services.

I know that if you buy stuff in Mercadona you can make arrangements for the the items to be delivered to your home. Also, I have seen the Mercadona mini-van driving around town. However I have never used the service myself.

Has any reader used the service and got any views on what it is like? Also, any idea of whether they deliver to the lakes area of Almerimar?

Having been prompted by the query I have had a poke around on the internet. You can see the registration form for Mercadona online services here (in English). The page also includes a link to a contact form where you can check whether Mercadona deliver to your area.

One of our readers, Corey M, is asking about bike hire in Almerimar.

I believe that some time ago you used to be able to hire bikes at the Victor Fernández Center (located close to the beach behind the beach hotel).

I was wondering if they still hire bikes and whether anyone knows of anywhere else in Almerimar that hire bikes at the moment.


UPDATED: We have had a reader give us a link to

One of our readers has asked if we know of any dog training classes that take place locally.

I was wondering whether anyone might have any information about this. If you do please get in touch and I will pass on the information to the people who asked.

Further to the query about bike repairs. One of our readers has suggested the following:

"I came across a bicycle repair shop on the way into El Ejido near where Radio Vision shop used to be, on the same side of the street, it might do the business."

A reader has been in touch asking whether anyone knows of someone in the area who does bike repairs. The person has one bike where the chain keeps slipping off and another bike stuck in the same gear.

If you know of anyone who might be able to help please can you get in touch and we will pass on their contact details to the person who has asked us.

I have recently received the following  request.....

"i am looking for information regarding somewhere in the area where i can buy or scrounge unwanted house removal cartons for a move to county in june."

If anyone can help provide some information please get in touch and I will pass the information on to the person who asked about this.

I received this from our of our readers, Anthony K......

I arrived in Spain 2 years ago from England. Initially I did not rush to learn Spanish but have now adjusted and tried a number of different techniques and am making good progress being at a healthy intermediate level (just enough to be dangerous!). Below is a list of resources both online and local that will benefit anyone wishing to study Spanish from Almerimar. It is far from exhaustive but hopefully it can help you on your journey. Best of luck!

Read More to read the article.

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