I have received this request from a reader. If anyone can help with this matter please get in touch. I will put you in contact with the person who has made the request....



Anyone driving to Alicante soon with space in the van/ car? There is a 45kg, 11year old female dog in Almerimar who's owner died a few weeks ago. She ( the dog) has a space in a sanctuary in Alicante, and they have her organised to go forward to the UK to the owners family.
Unfortunately it's proving very difficult to get her to Alicante as all the transport companies we have contacted have no spaces.
We have someone who is happy to pay towards the transport to enable this old lady get to the UK.
Could you help her?"

Missing CatJ an2020

Missing Cat Jan 2020

UPDATED 11/01/2020 - the cat has now been reunited with it's owner.

I have been asked to try to help find a cat that has gone missing in Almerimar.

If you have seen a cat like the one in the photos recently please can you get in touch. Thanks.

A reader, Hannah, has asked if anyone can recommend a restaurant to go to for New Year's Eve this year,

If you have any suggestions please contact me or post in a comment on the Almerimar Today Facebook page. Thanks.

I received this request from a reader, Christine G......

"Hi its just a stab in the dark but wondered if anyone is flying back to the UK in the next few days- and is happy to post 2 UK letters with stamps on already? Just want to register a postal vote and think it faster and safer than posting through the Spanish system? thanks."

UPDATED: Link to English Login provided.

One of our readers is having problems accessing their Spanish bank account online. Apparently the Banco Popular site now redirects to the Santander site. Following the merger of the two banks.

The person cannot access the Santander site using his credentials for the old Banco Popular site. He is wondering whether other are having the same problem. If yes, please can you get in touch. Particularly if you have managed to resolve this issue.

PS A secondary problem is that the Santander site is not available in English.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the English login page.

A reader, Julie S, has asked the following....

"Hi, we are coming out to our holiday home in Almerimar in a couple of weeks with my 80 year old mother. She had a fall some time ago and never really fully recovered. I was wondering if you might be able to let us know if there are any wheelchair hire/scooter hire places in or around the Almerimar area. We will have a car so can travel to the hire place. Thanks"

If you can help with information about this please contact me using the contact form on the site. Or you can wait until this article goes on to the Facebook page and add a comment there.

UPDATED 1 July 2019 - there is some info in response to this on the Facebook page....

I have received the following message from Christine A....

"Anyone know where you can get a cooker checked out that keeps tripping?"

If you can help Christine please get in touch. Either via the contact form on the site or via the Facebook page.

A reader Sara G has asked the following:

"I wonder if any of your "viewers" have some dumbbells for sale? Ideally 10kg and 6kg."

If anyone has any for sale please get in touch and I will pass on your details to Sara.

I have been asked if I know of anyone doing airport runs from Almerimar using a 7 seat vehicle. I know that years ago there used to be Pepe Taxis based in Almerimar. However I am not sure where they still exist or not.

Can anyone help with information on this subject? If yes, please can you contact me using the contact form on this site or via a message or comment to the Almerimar Today Facebook page.


UPDATED 17/04/19: One of our readers has said they still happen once a month on Sundays in Adra and Roquetas. Not in Almerimar.

One of our readers has asked whether the Almerimar monthly markets still take place or not. I have no idea. Can anyone help?


I have received this message from a reader David H.....

"Hi, I think you will remember that we had our bikes nicked recently!

This makes the Turbo Trainer and front wheel mount redundant - and they are brand new and never been out of their delivery box.

The total cost was £60 (say €70).

I don’t expect much for them, but if someone would donate say €30 to a local charity then I would be delighted to off load them."


If you are interested in buying these items please get in touch.

Received this on the Facebook page from Andy F. If anyone can help please comment on the Facebook page. Or if you prefer let me know and I will pass on your information to Andy.

"Hi , I need a Decorator/Plasterer. I would like a skim coat of plaster putting on our apartment approx 100m2. Can any one point me to someone who could help. Drawing a blank at the moment."

I have been contacted by someone who is interested in buying a second hand ladies bicycle. Preferably with 27 or 28 inch wheels.

If you have a bike that you would like to sell please get in touch. I will then put you in touch with the potential buyer.

One of our readers, Jessica F, has asked us to advertise this.....

"Hi I am looking for a builder ideally English speaking to refit and tile bathroom would you be able to advertise this on the site"

If you have any recommendations please get in touch and I will pass the details on to Jessica.

A lady called Marguerite M has asked me to ask about this.....

"Hi, I am looking for sisters who came from the town of Dalias and moved to Almerimar in the mid 80's early 90's. Mari-Carmen Fornieles and her sister Isabelita Fornieles. They were childhood friends of mine. I met them in Dalias in the winter of 1977. I am originally from Almeria, but live in Australia. I would be very happy to find them.

Hola estoy buscando a dos hermanas Isabelita Fornieles y Mari Carmen Fornieles. Veniaqn de Dalias, pero se mudaron por Almerimar en los 80/90.Nos conocimos en Dalias el invierno del 1977. me daria muchisima alegria encontrarlas. Gracias"

Il anyone knows these sisters please can you get in touch. I will pass on details to Marguerite.

One of our readers, Judi, is asking for some help.

She wonders whether anyone can loan her a wheelchair for around a week starting on 18 October 2018. Her brother is coming here and will probably need a little help getting around town.

If anyone can loan Judi a wheelchair please get in touch.

One of our readers, Dale M, has posted this on the Almerimar Today Facebook page:

"Found set of keys on beach wall. Left in Flamingos cafe on beach front".

If you lost some keys yesterday this is where they are.

Thanks Dale.

I have received this message. Someone is asking about the following:

"Does any one in Almerimar have 2 second hand bikes they wish to sell for (2 )14 year old children? Or can you recommend a shop in the area?"

If anyone has any bikes to sell or information about 2nd hand bike shops in the area please get in touch.

I have had a query from a reader asking whether I know someone in the area who repairs washing machines. Anyone know someone they can recommend?

My only suggestion was to search online for support from the manufacturer. That is what I did when our dishwasher had a problem.

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